(that’s how all good stories start, right?)


Hi, I’m Dr. Rebecca Morgan

🏆 Award-winning former Disney leader
🐍 A doctor like Indiana Jones
🐾 Mother of a retired ex-racing greyhound
🍿 Pop culture junkie
💥 Multi-passionate
📖 International Best Selling Author of People First: An (un)common sense approach to modern leadership & Your Guide To A Stand Out Modern Resume
✨ Founder of The Awesome Leader League (T.A.L.L.)
🎙️ Podcast host Leadership Life Stories: Disney Leadership
📍 Los Angeles, CA

Choose Awesome Company is a dedicated group of people with an eclectic mix of skills, backgrounds, and experience who are passionate about helping people and businesses tap into their potential, unleash their awesome, and create sustainable business models that support growth through experience.

I wake up every morning by the charm of coffee (and a dog that seems to insist on smelling every blade of grass), and the chance to work with brands that provide unique value that’s hard to replicate.

When your customer experience is subpar, you know it. And it’s frustrating not to know how to improve it.

Choose Awesome Company breathes life into customer experiences that have flatlined.

Over my “ears” at The Walt Disney Company and beyond, I’ve met and worked with some ridiculously talented people.

So impressed with their work and overall expertise, I invited them to join the team Choose Awesome to analyze, reimagine, and develop game-changing experiences.

Together, we’re the dream team your business needs to grow and succeed.

Let’s reimagine your experience and make it even better.


(written in 3rd person fancy)

Rebecca Morgan, MBA, PhD, has 20+ years of experience with Disney, looking at customer and employee experience from every angle improving efficiencies, wowing customers, and turning them into brand ambassadors.

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