Want A Resume That Makes You Stand Out In The Sea of Sameness?

Pick your level of support you’re looking for and let’s get started!

DIY Products

With these step-by-step DIY (do-it-yourself) products, you will have all the tools and resources to get your resume updated in a jiff so that it stands out and gets read by a human.

Co-Creation Services

Looking for focused, undivided attention to get your documents D-O-N-E even quicker? Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work on them together!

Done For You

No cookie-cutter, cut/paste resume that looks and sounds like all others. I’ll create you a custom resume just for you to stand out. 

Why I Do What I Do

“I had worked tirelessly on my resume

and thought it was great and was confused on why I wasn’t getting bites. After Rebecca showed me the light, I literally had nibbles days after incorporating her recommended changes.”

– Brenda
Executive Assistant

“I’m really proud of myself and my experience

when I read my updated resume!”


“She’s beautiful!

(my resume) I’m in love!!!”


“I just got a call about a job

and the first thing she said was that she loved my opening statement on my resume! That really boosted my confidence!”

Finance Manager

Oh... This is Brilliant!



I thought my former resume was pretty good

as I received many callbacks on job searches and offers. However NOW My RESUME IS AWESOME! I have received glowing compliments on how effective my resume reads with my accomplishments. They are succinct and tell an amazing story. It definitely has given me more confidence in my search.


I give you the strategies and tactics on how to make your resume stand out and get seen with these DIY (do-it-yourself) tutorials. Work at your own pace and have your resume updated in just a few hours!


  • Your resume is a mess. It’s outdated, hasn’t been updated in a while, and you’ve been procrastinating applying for jobs because you’re overwhelmed at  just the thought of where to start.
  • You want an easy way to update your documents because you know you can do this with a little guidance but not ready to invest in custom writing services.
  • You want to switch careers, do something different and forgot what you are good and how what you’ve been doing even translates to something new.

“I have never had a professional resume telling so clearly my why and my story. “


Stand Out Resume Review

Unlike generic, computer-generated resume review services, a real living, breathing human (me!) will personally review your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile giving you customized feedback, tips, and suggestions to help you immediately transform your resume like magic.


Stand Out Strategy Course

In this step-by-step self-paced online course, you will have my exact process I use with my custom resume writing clients, all the tools, and resources so that you can get your resume to scream read me and land your dream job!

More Details ➡️ CLICK HERE

Career Switch Blueprint

Are you …
… curious about your talents and how they apply to other jobs and industries?
… frustrated and unhappy with your career?
… wishing of a new job that makes you jump out of bed in the morning?
… wanting to put that new degree or training to good use?

You are not alone and there’s never been a better time to make a career switch.

More Details ➡️ CLICK HERE

Let’s do it together! With my focused, undivided attention on your documents, you’ll get them D-O-N-E even quicker! 


  • You want more than a how to, you want a partner to DO, together.

“Creating an intriguing resume is not easy when you’re at a loss for words. Enter stage right is Rebecca who finds the words and crafts them with perfection. I love a good collaborative process.” – Shari

Stand Out Modern Resume In A Day

Imagine getting your resume done and dusted in a day with me in your back pocket guiding and supporting you for a whole day!

Retro Resume Refresh

Retro is so in but not when it comes to your resume! We’ll give your retro resume a refresh in this one-hour session via phone.  We start by giving your resume a new modern eye-grabbing look. Then together we’ll review your existing resume, reuse, upcycle, and write to renew it in this mini-makeover.

More Details ➡️ CLICK HERE

Co-Creation Half Day

Co-creation half days are my favorite! They are a three hour virtual session together to write, create your strategy, and answer your questions. Professional editorial review of your final product is included. 

More Details ➡️ CLICK HERE

Let me take over this process for you completely and write or rewrite your resume and cover letter!


  • You want a done for your service when it comes to your stand out resume. 
Here’s how ➡️ CLICK HERE

Let me know if you have something else in mind. I got your back! What do you need? Contact me.  

Can I see an example of a resume?

Here’s a Get Seen Resume before and after example that shows one of the template options. 

How did you get into resume writing?

I believe the job search process is broken. Once upon a time… I got tired of seeing people get jobs I was applying for that didn’t even have half the qualifications and experience for the position I did. How did I know this? Well, I did what most people do, especially women, I used the job posting as a checklist. I would read every word in each bullet point multiple times, writing my specific relevant experience in the margin of the bullet and then I would tally up how many of the requirements I met. If near 100% I would then apply. I wasn’t getting calls. It made wonder what the heck is wrong with me?! Being a bit of a nerd, I became obsessed with finding the secret decoder ring of the job search process, resumes, all of it. I use nontraditional job search strategies and help you craft resumes, profiles, and cover letters in a way that screams READ ME—guaranteed to get you seen in the job market. I went on to have 17 different jobs with the most admired company in the world, I’ve been a recruiting trip partner for Disney, a hiring manager and seen my fair share of boring resumes that all look and sound the same. I’ve helped hundreds of people package up their knowledge, skills, and experience on their resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile in a way to stop putting people to sleep and turn those items into to tools to land their dream job.

Will you review my resume?

Yes! I do offer Stand Out Resume reviews. Click here to get one.


Couldn't I use this money to hire someone to write my resume for me?

Sure that’s an option. However it would be difficult to find a custom resume writer for the price of these sevices, and what about when you are ready to apply to another job? This will set you up with the skills for the rest of your career.

How soon can I start Stand Out Strategy after I sign up?

Immedaitely. After you sign up,  you will set up your login details, and you can get started with Stand Out Strategy. 

Can I see a sample report for Career Switch Blueprint?

Of course! Here’s a sample report you’ll receive with Career Switch Blueprint. Check Out Report. 

Do you guarantee I will find a job?

If you follow the strategy I provide, I guarantee your resume will get seen. 

I can’t offer a guarantee of success of the resumes or career-related products including the successful acquisition of a job or failure to land a job. You own your resume, how you show up in the interview, and what you say. I guide, suggest but you are an adult and therefore are responsible.


Do I need to purchase Stand Out Strategy to work with you?

No. To work with me 1-1 in One-Hour Sessions or Co-Creation Half-Day do not require you to be a part of Stand Out Strategy. 

The exception is the Monthly Mentorship. That program is only available to students (present/past) of Stand Out Strategy.

A benefit of being a part of Stand Out Strategy is that you’ll understand my approach and process guaranteed to get you seen. Having this as a base will save you time (and money) when working with me 1-1 as we spend less time on going over the process and more time on doing work together to move your closer to your dream job. 


Will we write and complete my resume|cover letter|LinkedIn profile in one-hour?

No. One-hour is not a lot of time.

What you are buying is one-hour of my time. My eyes, brain, expertise,  ideas, on your document for one hour. We’ll do as much as we can fit into one-hour and that may include writing together but a completed document after our session probably won’t happen.

Will I have a completed resume after a half-day co-creation session?

It depends on your current resume and preparation coming into the session.

Most resumes I write take 8-10 hours or more to complete

What you are buying is a focused three-hour block of time for us to bang out as much as we can together and it depends on your participation.  I promise your document will look and feel different after our session.

To be clear: What you are buying is my time, thoughts, suggestions, and brains on your document. You are not buying a completed document. 

Does a Co-Creation Half-Day session with you need to be all in one day? What if I do my own proofreading?

I’ve found it best to get as much as we can in one half-day and stay focused. It is also your time with me so if you’d rather split it up, we can do that. If you want to do your own editing and proofreading we can work together for up to 4 hours. 

I booked a Co-Creation Half-Day Session. Does my proofread/edit take place that day?

No. Not that very day as many times the resume is not 100% ready to go. Clients are often reviewing what we worked on together and revising sections. You can “bank” your professional proofread/edit for up to 30 days after our Co-Creation Half-Day Session. 

Once I receive your document to be reviewed by my editor, she’ll usually get them turn them around within 48 hours

I see you're in Los Angeles, do you do sessions in person?

Currently in person sessions are on hold with Stay At Home but I’m available virtually!  I look forward to the day when we can do half-day co-creation sessions and packages in person in Montrose, CA. 

Do your reviews include proofreading?

In the review, my focus in on how best to position you and your experience to highlight your awesome and stand out to hiring managers. I’m not looking for typos or grammatical errors specifically in my review. If I happen to see any, I will comment on them but you own your resume so any suggestions/comments I make will be yours to accept as you wish.

Want a professional editor to proofread/edit your documents? Book a One Hour Session (BTW it’s not me. I have a PHD in typos and I’m aware and own my ability) and I’l have my editor do it for you. 


Can I hire you to write my resume for me?

Although I believe you have what it takes to write your resume better than any writer can because no one knows your work history, what you have done, and are capable of more than you. That’s why I created the Stand Out Strategy program. 

I also get wanting someone to just do it for you.

So yes, I’ll craft you a bespoke resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile and they’ll be professionally edited. Here’s the process: 

1. We get started with a branding/strategy session (45min-1hour) where we talk all about your experience, successes, and what you are going towards. 
2. I’ll create your documents and send you a draft.
3. We schedule a review session and go over any revisions you have . I’ll compile your revisions (you receive 2 rounds of revisions) and once you finalize, your documents are off to my editor. 
4. I’ll send you your final documents in a Word document and a PDF

Timeline: Given the time that goes into crafting your documents from scratch, expect your documents to be delivered in 3-4 weeks after our initial branding/strategy session. We’ll confirm your delivery date in our first session. 

Investment: $2500

Contact me to discuss and reserve your spot.

Can I start with Stand Out Strategy and add on the monthly mentorship later?

Of course! The Monthly Mentorship is exclusively available to any students of Stand Out Strategy no matter where they are in the process. Want some additional support?  Add it for a month and let’s do it together. Found your dream job, cancel it. 6 months from now you want to find a new job dream job, add it again. It’s a perk available for you to get the support you need when you need it. 

The only thing is, spots are limited and I only take so many mentors on a month so availability may not be available but I do my best to make it so.

If you don’t add it to your initial Stand Out Strategy sign up you can add it at anytime once inside the program on the home page. 

How do I pause/cancel my monthly mentorship?

You can pause or cancel your monthly mentorship at any time (and start it back up again when you need it) by going into your account for Stand Out Strategy. 

Can I hire your editor to proofread my resume?

Book a one-hour session, put in the notes you want an editor review, and I’ll review your document AND have my professional editor review it for you as well. 

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