Career Switch Blueprint


A comprehensive customized blueprint so that you can leverage what you got to make a career switch even if you’ve been asleep on your career for years.



How it works:

  1. After signing up, I’ll send you a link to take your brief online assessment (approx. 24 questions and takes less than 20 minutes)
  2. After I receive confirmation you completed your assessment, I’ll send you confirmation of your awesome in your very own personalized report within 48 hours or sooner with the link to book your coaching call.
  3. We hop on the phone together for your Career Switch Coaching Call where you get my ears, eyes, and brain for 1-hour.  I’m so looking forward for this part!

I guarantee you’ll be well on your way to your career switch within 30 days or less or I’ll be chasing you and  I’m really fast!

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