Business Experience Consulting

01 Reimagine Session

Stage 1 ($0)

Bring us your biggest struggle and we’ll guide you to seeing the results your want. You’ll leave this 30 min call with insights and ideas to put into practice immediately.

02  Experience Strategy Session 

Stage 2 ($500/hr)

We’ll work together on anything related to your experience.

  1. Want to know where to start in creating a wow customer experience that attracts and retains ideal customers?
  2. Want our feedback on your current experience strategy?
  3. Want to brainstorm ideas to enhance your current customer journey to win the hearts and loyalty of customers to grow your business?
  4. Want to pick our brains and ask us all your burning questions about working at Disney, being an Imagineer, and how to apply concepts to your business?
  5. Want to discuss ways to measure success?

We can do any of these things or anything else to help you analyze, reimagine, and build an exceptional experience to transform customers into raving fans and make your business grow like beanstalks.

03 Experience Implementation

Stage 3 (By Project)

  • Customer Service Blueprint
  • Customer Journey Map
  • Process Mapping
  • Project Management
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Audits/Mystery Shop
  • Process Streamline/Document
  • Customer Service Skills Training
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