Unlock your confidence and gain the proven skills to lead with ease

Overcome Imposter Syndrome


Hit Your Goals (The Right Way)

You can’t control others and how they lead

But you can how you do


The Awesome Leader League is here to help you develop the essential skills and mindset to lead with confidence, authenticity, and genuine care that brings out the best in you and your team.

We believe leadership should be about creating a ripple effect of positive change, not a trail of tears and resignation letters.

No more command and control. No more fear and intimidation.

Why be another bosshole when you can be the leader people choose to follow.

Embrace a new modern approach for creating a positive impact—developing your leadership style to fosters trust, encourage collaboration, and creates an environment where everyone can thrive. AND makes you known as a confident, respected, and impactful leader who’s contributing to the overall success of the organization.

What’s Inside Waiting for You

Everything you need to make a difference



Access to our entire T.A.L.L. training library. With new trainings added every month. 

EXPERT Guidance

A single training in T.A.L.L. is like an expensive private coaching session, that most leaders can’t afford.



Time is your most valuable resource as a leader. Members get exclusive access to time-saving tools, resources, and scripts that they can adapt and make their own.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned executive, we take a modern human centered approach grounded in scientific knowledge to unlock your full potential, build a thriving team, and create a better workplace culture and environment  that everyone wants to be a part of.

Are Your Feeling…

(I Promise you are Not Alone!)

Nervous about taking the leap into leadership?

Motivating your team got you puzzled?

Drowning in the chaos of decision-making?

Worried your team or boss has a secret “Dislike” button for you?

Feeling isolated with no support in sight?

Thinking you're not good or smart enough to lead a team, and it’s not just imposter syndrome talking?

Anxiety creeping in about meeting expectations?

No work-life harmony. What even is that?

Left wondering, "Is this it?" after training? (If You got any training...)

Putting in more hours and working harder to prove yourself

I Want To Show You What’s Possible For You


Lead with confidence and drive unparalleled team success.

Think and make decisions like a leader

Achieve goals with efficiency and unwavering ethical integrity.

Skyrocket your career growth with essential leadership skills.

Master clear and effective communication, eliminating misunderstandings.

Build relationships that turn people you work with into your biggest fan club.

Embrace true work-life balance beyond mere buzzwords.

Acquire the leadership expertise, strategies, tools, and skills your team craves– because you're the leader they've been waiting for.

What Makes This different? 

Glad You Asked!

Good Leader Are Made

There’s NOTHING like this out there for leaders. The truth is, many leaders find themselves in uncharted territory, not because they lack skills – in fact, that’s often why they got the promotion. They excelled in their roles. But here’s the kicker: being great at a job doesn’t automatically translate into being a great leader. Leading requires a unique set of skills that go beyond the technical expertise they mastered in their previous roles. It’s all new and the journey becomes even more challenging without the tailored support leaders truly need.


In the world of T.A.L.L., it’s all about you! Countless content gems and standout features have sprung to life, all thanks to the suggestions and requests from our members. You’re not just part of the journey; you’re steering the ship. Get ready for a member-driven experience where your needs take center stage, making T.A.L.L. truly extraordinary.

Virtual Coaching Sessions At Your Fingertips

Step into my actual virtual office and hit play. It’s like you’re right here with me, engaging in coaching chats where each mission is short, sweet, and wrapped up in under 20 minutes. Grab your favorite beverage, and let’s make this virtual office time a delightful journey filled with proven tools, strategies, frameworks, and meaningful insights. Together, we’ll navigate any situation, and you’ll level up your skills.

Our Special Guest Stars

Every few months, we roll out the leadership red carpet and welcome some incredible special guest stars to share their invaluable insights from their experience to elevate your leadership journey.

Laugh, Learn, LEAD

Sure, leadership resources are a dime a dozen, but let’s be honest – many of them can be heavy on theory, prescriptive, downright boring, and a complete waste of time. Leadership is far from a neat and tidy manual; it’s a dynamic and intricate journey—messy, real, and full of unexpected turns. If it was easy we’d be surrounded by great leaders. Our approach to leadership is about embracing the chaos, keeping it authentic, genuine, and, sure, a little messy. We get the twists and turns, and we’re here to guide you with not just insights but also a healthy dose of joy and humor. Because, let’s face it, leading authentically should feel as lively and vibrant as the awesome leader you are.

Membership Options

The Awesome Leader League
Leadership Accelerator



auto-renews monthly/person
cancel anytime 


– ACCESS TO THE LEADERSHIP TEMPLATE ARSENAL:  A comprehensive collection of expertly designed tools, resources, planners, and more, all conveniently available in one place all at your fingertips to help you excel on your leadership journey.

– COMPLETE LEADERSHIP MICROBURST SKILLS LIBRARY PRIVILEGES:  Direct access to an invaluable resource: our exclusive T.A.L.L. Your private collection of over 40+ practical video and training missions, tools, tips, scripts, and resources carefully curated to empower your journey as a leader.

– TRAINING CREATED JUST FOR YOU: As a member, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to submit training topic requests that align with your specific leadership and skills needs that will be added to the library. Embrace this opportunity to shape your learning experience, to explore the topics that truly matter to you.

– INVITE TO THE CHOOSE AWESOME COLLECTIVE: Membership includes an invite to my private client/member-only Facebook group, The Choose Awesome Collective. It’s a place where you’ll find loads of support, encouragement, and a chance to ask questions.

The Awesome Leader League
Leadership Accelerator Plus+



auto-renews monthly/person
cancel anytime

T.A.L.L. LEADERSHIP ACCELERATOR PLUS+ includes everything in the Accelerator membership, PLUS montly coaching to elevate your leadership skills:


+PERSONALIZED 1-1 COACHING: ELEVATE YOUR LEADERSHIP GAME Ready to take your leadership skills to the next level? Buckle up, because our monthly 1-1 coaching sessions are about to rock your world. You’ll receive personalized coaching that provides valuable feedback and guidance tailored specifically to your leadership growth and development. It’s like having a secret weapon in your back pocket, ensuring you get the support you need to shine as a remarkable leader.


Potential Questions You May Have

Why Is this only $9 and can it deliver?

Great question! It seems crazy to offer leadership development for $9 a month. It is not because there’s nothing of substance inside. It’s because we’re on a mission. A mission to develop leaders the world desperately needs without burning a hole in your wallet.

Executive leadership coaching can be like dining at a Michelin-star restaurant—fantastic, but not everyone can swing it. So, we’ve created a budget-friendly feast of wisdom, insights, and growth hacks. Think of it as the VIP pass to leadership awesomeness without the VIP price tag. Let’s elevate your leadership game and make a difference without emptying your pockets!

Really? 20 minutes or less?

YES! Let’s keep it short and sweet, the method behind the madness of 20 minutes or less training and mentoring.

  1. Nobody wants to sit through a long-drawn-out training session.
  2. The way adults learn is different from the way children do.

Studies have shown the best learning happens in adults in 15–20 minute chunks, which helps to ingrain that knowledge into your short and long-term memory. This is exactly what we need as leaders. Having these skills available when you need them.

Does Rebecca Teach The Missions?

Yes! Rebecca teaches or when there is a special guest star expert session she is there learning alongside you.


A title doesn’t make you a leader.

Leadership is a skill. Leadership skills are learned and practiced like any other skill, such as cooking or typing.

If you want to build up your leadership qualities of good leaders and be a leader people choose to follow join us!

Is there an annual plan option?

Yes! You can upgrade your membership from monthly to annual at any time and save even more money. 

Can I wait and join next month?

Yes, you can but the price. might increase and some offerings may not be available. 

When will T.A.L.L. LEADERSHIP ACCELERATOR PLUS+ be open again?

WIth the coaching being 1-1, it is hard to say when the T.A.L.L. Leadership Accelerator Plus+ membership will open again. You can join our waiting list to be informed when space is available.

Can I get my work to cover the costs?

Some companies are recognizing how essential investing in their employees is — especially when they can learn new skills through easy access to experienced experts at an affordable price from anywhere.

And they offer personal and professional development allowances, tuition reimbursement, or allow you to use education credit as part of their benefits package.

We’ll provide a receipt for reimbursement or what you need to submit to your manager or HR department for reimbursement.


The Awesome Leader League is designed to help you learn, grow, and transform your People First leadership skills to be a confident and awesome leader. If you need to pause your membership or stop, you can in just 2-clicks. All you have to do is login to your account, click your profile, and click cancel or pause. You can also reach out at re*****@ch******************.com

Will This Work For My Industry?

The league is filled with business leaders from a wide range of industries, companies, and non-profits of all sizes from around the world.

Leadership is about people, not industry. With T.A.L.L., you can learn the skills of an effective leader regardless of your industry with bite-sized and actionable content delivered monthly  – no matter what field you are in!

Strong leadership qualities like team building, conflict management, strategic thinking, project management, active listening, and the ability to solve problems transcend across industries are in HIGH demand across every industry and all businesses from teeny-tiny garage startups, mom-and-pop family businesses to multi-site, international empires.

We focus on building your self-confidence and unique leadership style.


The Leadership Microburst Skills Library offers a diverse range of trainings aimed at empowering individuals to enhance their leadership abilities. These carefully curated trainings are designed to foster confidence, tackle obstacles, provide inspiration, and promote personal growth among members. The library encompasses an extensive array of training modules covering three key areas: character and confidence, effective communication, and fostering meaningful connections. This holistic approach, which I refer to as the Triad of Awesome Leaders, ensures a comprehensive development experience. Additionally, the library is updated regularly to incorporate new trainings based on the specific needs and requests of the community.

For more details of trainings included. Click here.

Can I listen to these classes on the go?

Yes, there’s an option to dowload the trainings to your favorite podcast app for on-the-go listening and learning.

What is the refund policy?

The Awesome Leader League is all about your growth and development. We want you to feel confident in your choice, so if you check out a mission or two and find it’s not quite what you’re looking for, no sweat! We’ve got you covered with a full refund within the first 48 hours of subscribing. Just contact us here, and we’ll take care of it.

Money Back Guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: If you join today, and you’re not completely 100% head-over-heels thrilled with everything in The Awesome Leader League

AND not convinced beyond a doubt that T.A.L.L. is the place for you to learn, grow, and transform your people first leadership skills to be a better leader.

The leader of the team people wants to be on and follow you to the end of the earth if that’s where you are headed.

I insist that you cancel and there will be no hard feelings, I promise!

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