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Unleash your true leadership potential, propel your career to new heights, and create a lasting positive influence on those around you.
Hi! I'm Rebecca
My work is centered on one idea:


Being a manager is hard. I make being a good manager easy.

Author of three non-fiction #1 best-selling books, co-host of Leadership Life Stories podcast, and the mastermind behind The Awesome Leader League. Before this, I enjoyed an illustrious career with The Walt Disney Company.

I’m all about empowering leaders to embark on a transformational journey, one that fulfills their desire for creativity, resilience, productivity, profitability, teamwork, and happiness—the qualities the world desperately craves in its leaders.

If you aspire to evolve into a confident and impactful leader, leaving behind the caricature of the maniacal overlord with the stereotypical sinister laugh, I’m ready to guide you. Offering practical tools, effective tactics, and invaluable guidance to help you along your path.

So, let’s raise our glasses to a resounding HUZZAH! and bid farewell to the wickedness of “mwahaha.”

Together, we’ll create an environment where humanity and sanity take center stage, where leaders like you prioritize empathy, and together, we’ll make a profound, positive impact on the lives of those you lead.

People have been wishing and patiently waiting for a leader like you to emerge. I’m glad you are here.


Your Journey Begins Here 

3 Ways To get started


Welcome to Leadership Life Stories, the podcast that delves into the remarkable journeys of compassionate leaders who inspire positive change. Season 2 shines a magical spotlight on Disney Leadership, unraveling candid conversations that explore pivotal moments, challenges, and valuable lessons that shape their core leadership philosophy. Discover the essence of true leadership—beyond titles, driven by an unwavering commitment to serving others.


Unlock the secrets of exceptional leadership with The Awesome Leader’s Guide Series—a book collection that will ignite your passion for making a difference! Each book is a treasure trove of wisdom, revealing core principles and time-tested strategies of great leaders. Whether you’re an aspiring leader or a seasoned executive, these books equip you with the tools of true leadership, one page at a time, and spark your impact on the world.


Step into our transformative realm of knowledge and growth! We’ve got an exciting array of classes, training, coaching, and exclusive memberships, carefully curated to unleash your leadership potential and equip you with the skills and insights to conquer any leadership challenge with confidence. You’ll feel a newfound sense of empowerment, influence, and readiness to create a lasting leadership legacy.
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