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The book offers leaders at all levels the framework, inspiration, and tools needed to create a culture of trust and responsibility in which everyone can excel.

What Others Are Saying

“The skills and perspective you gain will change your life, the place you work, and the people you lead.”

“I appreciated the book’s get-to-the-point action items on how to make the changes we all need and want in the workplace. A great guide for leaders just starting out or seasoned leaders looking to make a change or improve.”

“Dr. Rebecca Morgan shares her experiences and learning in an inspiring way. This quick-reading guide will help develop leadership competencies and qualities with mini success missions and activities. A great book to read at any stage of your leadership journey.”

About The Series

This is the first of her Choose Awesome series of books, which is aimed at those who have a heart for serving others and a head for business.


Dr. Rebecca P. Morgan is an award-winning former Disney leader, best-selling author, the founder of Choose Awesome Company, and the creator of The Awesome Leader League.

She has spent the past two decades studying leadership, business, and developing leaders at all levels at Disney University, and trained people and organizations through the Disney Institute.

Based on deep experience and respected research, her practical approach is that the connection between people and profits can transform leaders and their teams to be more creative, resilient, productive, profitable—and happier.

Rebecca was recognized with a Disney Lifetime Achievement award for leadership in employee excellence, customer satisfaction, and business results.

Rebecca co-hosts Leadership Life Stories Podcast: Disney Leadership and is an international best-selling author.

She’s also an expert on how to keep a sourdough starter alive. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Todd, and their retired ex-racing greyhound, Landon.

If you want to know when her next book comes out, please visit her website at where you can sign up to receive email updates about new releases and join Team Awesome.


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