Your Guide To A Stand Out Modern Resume

I got so much out of it! A great book. 

Fun to read and is
jam-packed with advice.

Your Guide To A Stand Out Modern Resume


Your Guide to a Stand Out Modern Resume is the ultimate guide to writing a resume that will get you noticed by potential employers. With its step-by-step guidance and insider insights, this book will teach you how to create a resume that is both effective and professional.

If your resume suffers from:

  • An outdated format that you’ve used since high school (a LOT has changed!)
  • Generic one-size-fits-all-isms (to avoid redoing it for each job)
  • Buzzword and cliche overload (this isn’t making you sound smarter – trust me)
  • Job description cuts and pastes and random keyword stuffing (don’t do it)

And if you are tired of sending out countless resumes, getting no response, and struggling with a sense of overwhelm and uncertainty about your job search.

Then this is the resume writing book for you. However, this is no ordinary resume writing book.

It’s the resume writing book 2023 and beyond.

Your Guide To A Stand Out Modern Resume has been updated and revised with prompts to use the power of AI (artificial intelligence) tools like ChatCPT, Jasper, Bard, Bing, and more to get your resume written even faster and eliminate any writer’s block.

Having been a talent advisor and hiring leader for The Walt Disney Company, Rebecca has seen her fair share of boring resumes that all look and sound the same. Having been there … she said ENOUGH!


I got a great compliment from a Vice President on my resume! He loved the format.

I received emails from two recruiters today!

Fabulous resume template!

No more standing by watching other people get the interview. And your dream job offer. It’s time for everyone to own their awesome and their career. It’s time to unborify your resume and stand out from the sea of sameness.

Let’s make your resume Stand Out and put you at the top of the “must interview” list.

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Professionally Designed Stand Out Modern Resume Template

Unlock the secret to catching attention with our professionally designed, fully customizable Stand Out resume template. Say goodbye to the hours spent struggling to create a standout resume or hiring an expensive graphic designer. This modern template will transform your resume into an eye-catching masterpiece in no time.


Transform Your Resume with Real-Life Examples

I’ll guide you step-by-step on what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to craft a winning resume that demands attention. Learn from real-life success stories and elevate your chances of securing your dream job.

Expertly Curated Prompts & Examples Just for You

Overcome writer’s block with ease using our curated collection of prompts and examples. As an industry professional, I’ve handpicked these resources to guide you through any writing obstacles. Let my expertise fuel your creativity and ensure your resume Stands Out from the competition.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Stand Out Job Search Strategy

Maximize the impact of your new modern resume with our exclusive Stand Out Job Search Strategy. Tailored to complement your standout resume, this strategy guarantees increased visibility and ensures your qualifications reach the right employers. Get ready to land your dream job with confidence.

The Ultimate Time-Saving Trick for Online Job Postings

Save countless hours and avoid unnecessary frustration with my online job posting master trick. This invaluable technique will revolutionize your job application process, sparing you endless hair-pulling moments. Get ready to submit applications with ease and confidence.

More downloads, stories, and tools!

Dive deeper into a treasure trove of valuable resources. Discover additional downloads, captivating stories, and indispensable tools to accelerate your job search.

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An easy read with good examples for updating my resume. This is a keeper!

Writing a resume has never been something I enjoyed having to do. Rebecca Morgan has provided the definitive guide for crafting a resume that will stand out and get you the awesome job you deserve.

Found myself job-hunting after a 10-year run with the same company…it can be a bit unsettling to have to “sell” yourself! Rebecca’s advice helped me put a modern look to my 10-year-old resume. But I think the most important thing I gained from reading the book—and tapping into her digital bonus content—was a feeling of confidence that my resume won’t be tossed aside by a recruiter for being boring or dated!

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