The Secrets Of High Performing Teams

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Los Angeles, CATeamwork: Why Some Teams Work, While Others Fail. And How To Build A Team That Succeeds, the third book in The Awesome Leader’s Guide series by leadership and organizational development expert Rebecca Morgan, Ph.D., is now available!

This teamwork book discusses how teams form, develop, and change over time. It provides practical tips and actions you can take now to build a high-performing team that succeeds.

The complex relationship Dr. Morgan has had with teams inspired her to write this book. “Throughout my career, I’ve been part of some of the best teams dedicated to achieving their goals and others that couldn’t decide where to go to lunch. 

After I realized the dynamics of teams, I was able to understand my role as a team member and as a leader. By writing this book, I hope other people will experience their aha moments about teams in a fraction of the time it took me and achieve great things together.”

What Others Are Saying

A must-have in any leadership library.”

“Real-world advice on growing and leading teams from a former Disney leader.”

“If you love the idea of a leadership book but don’t love the dry, overly-technical, rambling content often found within, reach instead for this series and particularly this book on Teamwork.”

About The Series

The Choose Awesome series of books is aimed at those with a heart for serving others and a head for business.

Other titles include:

The Awesome Leader’s Guide: People First Leadership
an (un)common sense approach to modern leadership

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Dr. Rebecca P. Morgan is an award-winning former Disney leader, the founder of Choose Awesome Company, and the creator of The Awesome Leader League.

She has spent the past two decades studying leadership and business, developing leaders at all levels at Disney University, and training people and organizations through the Disney Institute.

Based on deep experience and respected research, her practical approach is that the connection between people and profits can transform leaders and their teams to be more creative, resilient, productive, profitable—and happier.

Rebecca was recognized with a Disney Lifetime Achievement award for leadership in employee excellence, customer satisfaction, and business results. Rebecca co-hosts Leadership Life Stories Podcast: Disney Leadership and is a best-selling author.

She’s also an expert on how to keep a sourdough starter alive. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Todd, their rescued ex-racing greyhound, Landon, and their sourdough starter named The Bebe.

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